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Our products are made with a cashmere high quality yarn that is carefully selected. When the knit is new, it is sometimes possible that it ejects excess materials as "fluff”.

(this occurs when there are "frictions” between a jumper and a coat for example).

To resolve this problem, we advise you to wash it once after it has been worn.


- For a perfect use, wash it by hand or in the washing machine with two or three pieces of clothing of the same colour range.

- Select "wool program”, cold water, with very little detergent suitable for wool.

- Do not use fabric softener. - Spin on the " 500 turns " mode (avoid soaking and especially not twist) and dry it flat on a towel away from direct light.

- Finally, iron it softly without pulling Experience shows that knitwear is more beautiful after several washings. Then, you will enjoy the exceptional qualities of our products.

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