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At “Oscar et Valentine”, we select carefully and rigorously our thread for its softness purity, however the fabrication of a cashmere jumper is always a labour of love as we must choose between softness   and pilings. As specialists in baby wear, the choice is easy.
The main quality of cashmere is its softness. That is why “Oscar et Valentine” accepts few pilings on our jumpers. The softness will always remain but if you take care of your cashmere, these pilings will disappear after a few washes.

Wash your cashmere; it likes water:
Goats live in tough conditions and their wool is used to water. Wetting it will relax and then shrink it back into shape once dried. You give your jumper a new life by washing it. The majority of the pilings which formed will entirely disappear.
Don’t hesitate to remove the pilings with a special comb. It will help remove microfibers, and it will not affect its softness.

We recommend you to dry clean the blankets.
Drying and ironing your cashmere:
Flat-dry your cashmere on a towel until it regains its natural shape. Once fully dry, iron your jumper turned inside-out on a wool setting. Do not expose your jumper to direct heat or direct sun. The cashmere must only be ironed when clean.
A 100% cashmere jumper is easy to look after and often easier than other fabrics. Cashmere is a natural fabric that does not absorb odors and does not always need ironing as the fibers bounce back naturally.
Our tip: Avoid rubbing with other textiles such as carpets and rugs and brush it regularly with a cashmere comb.

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